REVIEW Mind Floss

Mind Floss

“Paul Singleton shone ... Singleton is very funny” - New York Post.

“Sketch comedy for the smart set ... recalls silent films and sophisticated screwball comedy” -- Time Out New York.

“Paul Singleton shone in ‘Puppy Love,’ playing a dog transformed into a human. I’ve been seeing sketches were performers get laughs by acting the way dogs do; none have ever quite matches Sarah Jessica Parker [in Sylvia]. But Singleton is very funny.”
-- New York Post

“Mind Floss is sketch comedy for the smart set – witty, fleshed-out concepts rather than one-liners, and a performance style that recalls silent films and sophisticated British screwball comedy a la Monty Python.” -- Time Out New York

“Mind Floss, an imaginative, irrelevant, intelligent and irrepressible string of stylish sketch comedies … Mind Floss pushes the guidelines of comedy based on relationships and character rather than one liners. It is comedy for people who think, read and enjoy being challenged … it could be called new wave vaudeville.” -- Brooklyn Courier

“Most of this show’s team members have worked together before, collecting a strong following, and this run has been extended.” -- Back Stage