REVIEW Visit New Grimston, Anyway

Review from VARIETY:
“Visit New Grimston, Anyway” is an ambitious, impressively elaborate satire on big city government and bureaucracy that has wit, style, inventiveness, all the necessary elements for success.

Series follows misadventures of Neil Hoffman (Paul Singleton), newly appointed director of special services for the city of New Grimston, Vinyl Capital of the World, as he encounters a wide range of semi-loonies in and around the city municipal building (“the building of lost souls”).

Unusual characters about in that vicinity, ranging from scheming Mayor Miriam Vargas, who propounds her vaguely Orwellian city slogan (“Down is Up”), to Roscoe, a robot janitor’s assistant reminiscent of Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey. But tone engendered by all of them has more to do with whimsy than with satire, which requires a touch of mean-spiritedness or order to be effective.

Series is fine technically, quick-paced and very well-acted, and is likely to find favor with listeners who enjoy gentle storytelling.