The Blue Carbuncle

Paul Singleton / Todd Butera




Adapted from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
short story


Andrew Joffe

London, 1889. A recently-married Dr. Watson visit his friend Sherlock Holmes to convey his Christmas greetings, but both become involved in the theft of a priceless gem – secreted inside a goose – which the pursue all over London. A play about forgiveness and friendship restored.

Directed by
Kathleen Brant

Workshop Theatre Company,
New York

"Paul Singleton gives us brief glimpses of the emotional loneliness behind the pipe-chomping Holmes' piercing intellect and deftly illuminates the famous sleuth's unswerving moral passion…" 
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– Backstage

Paul Singleton and Todd Butera are admirable as Holmes and Watson, both taking on these iconic roles wholeheartedly yet with a little affectionate send-up on the side. Singleton portrays Sherlock Holmes with an icy Jeremy Brett-like reserve that he slyly undercuts with various noble far-off looks of an ilk that would make Burt Lancaster jealous. His ego and intellectual feats do not exempt him from human foibles such as loneliness, and here they occur at just the right level to be believable yet not overdone.
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"…it works. Primarily due to Todd Butera as the jovial Watson and Paul Singleton as Sherlock Holmes. A little Basil Rathbone and a little Jeremy Brett, Singleton's Holmes is a bit more human than he is often portrayed.  
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– oobr